Chance Meetings

I went to Dallas last week to attend a Real Estate event. On one of the breaks I noticed the Dallas Chamber was having an event so I naturally went over and introduced myself to the chamber director.

Standing to my right was a couple and he said “. . . Belize . . .” that’s all I heard.

“Belize! That’s where I going to put my school for kids at risk!” I told them.

We talked for a few minutes and I thought how great it was to meet someone from Belize. The card they gave me listed their travel website.

The next Wednesday I received an email from “The Honorable Tench”, so I Googled his name. It turns out he is the Ambassador to Belize based in Dallas. Imagine my shock at the chance meeting. Mr. Tench offered me any and all contacts he might share with me as well as offering any help that I might ask for.

The chance meetings we have are often the greatest experiences. I have no idea where this might go, if anywhere, but I feel truly blessed.

Now my future trip to Belize  will be made even better by this wonderful chance meeting!