Occidental – Northern California

Occidental – Northern California

Father and Daughter

Ghana over a Christmas trip
Flight to Ghana

Ashanti Kings and Queens

Ashanti Chief
Ghana- Fundraiser

West Africa

Sam and I at Blackhawk Plaza

Ghana Movie

Sharyn on Oprah and other Media

Learning to Fly

San Francisco Bay Area Highway 280 going to San Francisco

My grandfather Al Abrahamson in Hayward – He called me peaches!

It’s hard to admit I actually recorded this while I was driving across the East Bay Bridge.

Doors Opening

Driving to the airport in Guadalajara

Leaving the airport at Guadalajara – they told me not to film

Ajijic Mexico at one of the Garden Restaunts

Jim and Mags House

Ajijic to Guadalajara

Ajijic to Guadalajara

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  1. The first idea that goes through my silly brain every time school begins is how much I desire for university to finally finish. When holiday finally starts, I go back home. I’m happy for a little bit then I’m getting bored and I want school to begin again. When school begins then I’m counting the days until holiday begins again. My father says I’m not normal and I should seek help so I thought it would be a safe plan to ask here: Do you people think I’m weird ? Looking forward for an opinion, I didn’t really know or wanna ask somewhere else.

  2. Hi Archie – no you’re not weird and shame on your father for judging you. It’s the “grass is always greener” syndrome. Try getting your mind to stay in the current moment. It takes a lot of practice but well worth it to avoid long term anxiety and stress. I truly believe most people miss half of their lives because they are always worrying about what was or what will be.
    The other challenge is you’re not engaged in your life. School is just a process for you and when you’re home you miss the activity and the feeling of being at school. Then when you’re at school the presssure of studying can be overwhelming and being at home seems a more simple lifestyle. Everyone goes through that, so don’t worry.
    My best wishes for your success, Sharyn

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