Occidental – Northern California

Occidental – Northern California

Father and Daughter

Ghana over a Christmas trip
Flight to Ghana

Ashanti Kings and Queens

Ashanti Chief
Ghana- Fundraiser

West Africa

Sam and I at Blackhawk Plaza

Ghana Movie

Sharyn on Oprah and other Media

Learning to Fly

San Francisco Bay Area Highway 280 going to San Francisco

My grandfather Al Abrahamson in Hayward – He called me peaches!

It’s hard to admit I actually recorded this while I was driving across the East Bay Bridge.

Doors Opening

Driving to the airport in Guadalajara

Leaving the airport at Guadalajara – they told me not to film

Ajijic Mexico at one of the Garden Restaunts

Jim and Mags House

Ajijic to Guadalajara

Ajijic to Guadalajara