I was reading a very old book, published in 1939 and the author was talking about how important it is to live your life with intention. He portrays that when we die, we can not take the fancy car, cash in the bank, ego, status and so on with us. But what we do retain is the sense of our soul, our personae remains with us and carries on through time.

I do believe that there is not one single person on this earth who has earned the right to judge another person, but imagine that you are judging yourself after your death. What would you imagine is your claim to fame? How would you perceive the evidence of how you spent your time on this beautiful earth?

If you were to give yourself a rating from 1 to 10 in each aspect of living: Community Involvement, Family Relationships, Managing Finances, Health and Well Being, Physical Conditioning, Education, Professional Achievement, Social Skills and Spiritual Development, what rating would you access your accomplishments?