I went out to the office to pay for my hotel room and there was a man standing in front of me paying for his. He was paying for 3 nights and had $200 available but the 3 nights came to $219. A few days before I had taken $20 in cash at checkout from … Read more


I went out for my weekly shopping yesterday and saw a woman and her daughter at the corner at stop light selling flowers. Years ago, after a vacation to Mexico, I thought of people selling on the corner as somewhat of a nuisance. I was uncomfortable having these people approach my car and try to … Read more


It might seem unusual to most people but I only venture out into the world once a week. I still find it a different lifestyle from when I was in California I would go out to the stores at least three times a week. I enjoyed being around people even if they were wearing face … Read more


I went out today to do my weekly grocery shopping and noticed on the way back to my car a young man with a family standing in the parking lot, in front of his truck with the hood up. I have no idea why approached him or what had me ask him if he needed … Read more


When I go out to buy my groceries, which is typically only once a week, I am very sensitive to my surroundings. I look at people, talk to them no matter what their lot in life is! Today a homeless man jumped up from the sidewalk to open the door for me as I went … Read more


Most often people are not comfortable with silence, unless they’re on an elevator.When people drive in their cars, the radio is on or they’re on their phone. Silence gives us the time to reflect on their day, their experiences or even their past.I was challenged to spend an entire week in silence while driving in … Read more


My friend Gwen and I had just finished a two day show selling her jewelry and I was able to work with over 20 people who I did my NESTing (removing negative emotions) process. We were about an hour away from her home so we decided it would be great to treat ourselves to dinner … Read more


This is the perfect day to look back at the year and decide what when right and what you would have wanted to turn out differently. I don’t believe in mistakes or errors, simply adjustments to what we believe is right for us which isn’t always the case. ┬áIf you believe in a higher power … Read more


What if we could see where we were supposed to go in our lifetime? What if we could always make the right choices and know we would always be happy? How much would that change how you live your life? Would you live any different day by day? Do you look for ways to change … Read more


I gather up the year and look at all my experiences as though someone had told them to me in a story. I like to observe my life to gain a better understanding of what I have experienced. Being in the moment doesn’t always lead to the best perspective. I gathered my friends closer than … Read more