I went out today to do my weekly grocery shopping and noticed on the way back to my car a young man with a family standing in the parking lot, in front of his truck with the hood up.

I have no idea why approached him or what had me ask him if he needed water. He said he did and I asked him to follow me to my car. Since my car overheats, I keep a few gallons of water in the trunk. I gave him a gallon bottle and he grinned and thanked me.

It’s such a simple thing to be kind. It takes so little effort on our part. How many times have we all needed help when no one showed up? I can think of so many in my life, but fortunately, just as many if not more when people did show up for me.

I think of the time when I was 15 and had stuttered most of my life and my English teacher, Mrs. Lemos kept me after school and had me read Shakespeare while holding my tongue. At the end of the year, I no longer stuttered unless I was tired.

I’m sure Mrs. Lemos would have rather gone home after teaching all day but she stayed there to help me get through a traumatic speech impediment. She cared about me enough to spend her time to help me get over the challenge.

Have you ever thought of all the people who have shown up for you at just the right moment? Have you ever reached out to a stranger to help them through a difficult time?