I went out to the office to pay for my hotel room and there was a man standing in front of me paying for his. He was paying for 3 nights and had $200 available but the 3 nights came to $219. A few days before I had taken $20 in cash at checkout from … Read more


I went out for my weekly shopping yesterday and saw a woman and her daughter at the corner at stop light selling flowers. Years ago, after a vacation to Mexico, I thought of people selling on the corner as somewhat of a nuisance. I was uncomfortable having these people approach my car and try to … Read more


It might seem unusual to most people but I only venture out into the world once a week. I still find it a different lifestyle from when I was in California I would go out to the stores at least three times a week. I enjoyed being around people even if they were wearing face … Read more


I went out today to do my weekly grocery shopping and noticed on the way back to my car a young man with a family standing in the parking lot, in front of his truck with the hood up. I have no idea why approached him or what had me ask him if he needed … Read more


When I go out to buy my groceries, which is typically only once a week, I am very sensitive to my surroundings. I look at people, talk to them no matter what their lot in life is! Today a homeless man jumped up from the sidewalk to open the door for me as I went … Read more