I went out for my weekly shopping yesterday and saw a woman and her daughter at the corner at stop light selling flowers. Years ago, after a vacation to Mexico, I thought of people selling on the corner as somewhat of a nuisance. I was uncomfortable having these people approach my car and try to get me to buy something from them.

But maybe that was because it made me uncomfortable to see the evidence of their lives. How is it a mother would have to spend the day standing on a street corner selling flowers with her daughter who looked to be around 9 or 10? What was their circumstances?

I noticed the little girl only had a sweatshirt and was wearing flip flops. It was 52° with gusts of colder winds. I rolled down the window and held out my gloves to her. She came to the car and took the gloves with a great big smile on her beautiful young face! I told her she could wear them on her feet too and I was rewarded by a wonderful burst of laughter.

Now I look at those who are reduced to selling flowers or whatever on the street corner as one step ahead of those who abjectively live on the streets. They’re taking the initiative to actively pursue a means to take care of themselves.

What circumstances keep each one of us from being in the same situation? What can these people do to change their lives for a better future for their children?

I often think how people could be so much happier if they lived like people were able to 200 years ago. What if they could simple grow their own food and live in a place where their children could play freely with no worries about being safe?

How did we get to this point where our world is so filled with poverty?