I went out to the office to pay for my hotel room and there was a man standing in front of me paying for his. He was paying for 3 nights and had $200 available but the 3 nights came to $219. A few days before I had taken $20 in cash at checkout from a store I was at. Normally I don’t carry cash.

I reached into my wallet and pulled out the $20 and slid it in front of the man on the counter . . . he ignored it sitting on the counter for almost a full minute. Then he looked up at me and his mouth fell open and he said, “Why are you doing this?” I smiled and said, “Because I can!” He shook his head and asked if he could give me a kiss. I leaned forward and turned my head so he could give me a kiss on my cheek. He burst out in a big grin and I introduced himself.

He told me he’s been at the hotel for 5 months and had to move here because they raised his rent at his apartment to the point he couldn’t afford it.

I told him about an apartment I had just found a couple of weeks ago that was well within his budget.

Can you imagine being in a position to be able to help someone on a whim? The idea of being in the same place as someone who needs help when it’s possible to help them is a true gift!