I went out for my weekly shopping yesterday and saw a woman and her daughter at the corner at stop light selling flowers. Years ago, after a vacation to Mexico, I thought of people selling on the corner as somewhat of a nuisance. I was uncomfortable having these people approach my car and try to … Read more


It might seem unusual to most people but I only venture out into the world once a week. I still find it a different lifestyle from when I was in California I would go out to the stores at least three times a week. I enjoyed being around people even if they were wearing face … Read more


I went out today to do my weekly grocery shopping and noticed on the way back to my car a young man with a family standing in the parking lot, in front of his truck with the hood up. I have no idea why approached him or what had me ask him if he needed … Read more


When I go out to buy my groceries, which is typically only once a week, I am very sensitive to my surroundings. I look at people, talk to them no matter what their lot in life is! Today a homeless man jumped up from the sidewalk to open the door for me as I went … Read more

Run Away

I was six years old the first time I ran away from home. We lived in the middle of 80 acres of state forest property and there were fewer than five homes within a mile of where we lived. I remember feeling as though anything had to be better than my home, my parents and … Read more


When I look back on my life and ponder all of the adventures, exposures and people I know I am blessed. I spend more time than most would deem it necessary in evaluating my experiences. It was a rough beginning and that forces me to look at why I’ve had the experiences that have come … Read more

Bank Robbery

I went to a very small school in the very small town of Mendocino. It was a time when life was much easier than it is today for teenagers. One of the boys who was a year older than me and had grown up through the first grade and even catechism had been in many … Read more

Social Connections

I went to an event tonight in Oakland (despite the social unrest) for a Scotch tasting. I am always up for a new event and an opportunity to meet people that otherwise would never cross my radar. The attendance did not in any way reflect the quality of the event held at Club Antone or … Read more


The chef came out to our table and again thought he should order for us. We had no idea what he was ordering, but we had to trust that it would be good. When the meals were delivered they set a plate in front of me that was half consumed with salmon. I had grown … Read more

Staying In a Castle

It was Gérard Fromanger who was so typically French he could have been in a movie. He was amazingly charming and spoke not one word of English. But he had a photo album that he showed us where he had exhibited his work in the 60’s in Chicago. His art style was modern and abstract … Read more