The chef came out to our table and again thought he should order for us. We had no idea what he was ordering, but we had to trust that it would be good. When the meals were delivered they set a plate in front of me that was half consumed with salmon. I had grown up having salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was not one of my favorite meals and in fact I hadn’t had any in more than 17 years. The chef waited at the table while we took the first bite.

I couldn’t have been more surprised if it had been green! I had never tasted salmon that had nearly as much flavor. It was moist and nearly melted on my tongue. It had a light drizzle of hollandaise sauce that had an effervescents to it, a light drizzle of paprika and capers topped the presentation.

He was more than pleased with my reaction, which was barely controlled ecstasy! After we finished our meal, the maître’ de suggested we move into the salon and have an after dinner drink. There were couples from Germany, England, Spain and Italy. Each one bought us a drink and we spent a lovely evening talking with them.