Conscious Connections

Most everyone I know is on Facebook today. But almost everyone uses it for social connections or to keep in touch with their families who are spread around the world.

When I first discovered Facebook, I only had 4 connections with people I knew. That was in 2008. Then I had someone from New Jersey ask if I would add him as a friend and when I did, I discovered who his friends were: Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dywer, Bill Mayer, Dali Lama and an amazing list of Who’s Who.

I became very excited and spent an hour requesting that each of these people add me as their friend. The next morning I got up and had 96 friends. I was hooked.

I have over 4,500 friends to date, have lost more than 500, but it’ because they have gone away or not responded in a long period of time when I’ve asked them to connect in a conscious level.

When I meet someone who has similar interest, I not only reach out to them, but I make a point of trying to have a live conversation too. I am constantly amazed at the level of people I have met on Facebook.

I encourage you to look at the potential relationships you can develop from using Social Media, but make sure that you cultivate the relationships. There is no longer a limit to who you can connect with.