Social Connections

I went to an event tonight in Oakland (despite the social unrest) for a Scotch tasting. I am always up for a new event and an opportunity to meet people that otherwise would never cross my radar.

The attendance did not in any way reflect the quality of the event held at Club Antone or the level of the venue with the Scotch pouring sponsored by Ledger’s Liquors. One of the bottles was over 100 years old and was 100 proof. I never knew that by simply adding water to a quality Scotch it would smooth it out. Now I know why my father drank Scotch and water.

One of the people who attended, Claudia, was an amazing contact. You know, one of those people who had so many things in common with you that it was amazing that you had never met before!

We talked about alternative health issues, education, software design and the school I’m starting for kids living on the streets in the San Francisco Bay Area. We only had about 20 minutes, but we spent it well.

Then after the event was over, we continued the conversation and realized we had even more points of interest in common. So we agreed we’d get together and have lunch very soon.

It is so amazing when you get to meet someone when you resonate on so many levels. I hope you take the time to recognize when you meet someone who is special and take the opportunity to get to know them.