Connecting with Friends

Today is my 62nd birthday! I don’t think I’ve had a birthday where no plans were made, no dinner, no friends! You’d think it would be sad, but the only thing sad about it is how my local friends are so disconnected from celebrating the milestones in life. But it was actually a wonderful day! … Read more


Connecting with people is one of the biggest focuses in my life! I have always had an innate skill of getting people to talk about what is important to them and what their dreams are. After San Diego, we went up to Irvine to be a part of a speaker’s event and I met Lizette … Read more


We drove down to San Diego on Thursday so I could be a part of a panel to speak at an event. I was looking forward to the event because I conducted preview calls for the event and had a chance to interview several of the speakers. That allowed me to build a relationship with … Read more


Last night my friend Ruby and I went to an event in San Jose for event planners. I had been the year before and several times since, so I had developed a comfort level with a lot of the members. Besides I always know it’s all about the people you meet along the way that … Read more


I have always enjoyed going to trade shows. I am an admitted info junkie and love to find out what is new out in the world. What I realized quite some time ago is that as big as the Bay Area in California is (approximately 8 1/2 million) and the fact that it is known … Read more


We hosted our monthly Bingo night tonight. It was a lot of fun planning everything with Ruby. She’s always very creative. We decided the menu needed to be a step up over the typical chips, dips and salad. So one of the first things we decided to do was get a choc0late fountain. Of course … Read more


I had an email from Edwin Tench earlier this week and he is always so supportive. I met Edwin while I was in Dallas two years ago attending a real estate event. It turns out he is the ambassador to Belize based in Dallas. He’s been helpful in guiding me towards the right people who … Read more


I was thinking about an author I had been working with over two years ago. She had stopped working on her book and I hadn’t talked with her in about six months. So when she called, I was really pleased. She called to tell me she got engaged over the holidays and was planning a … Read more

Social Connections

I went to an event tonight in Oakland (despite the social unrest) for a Scotch tasting. I am always up for a new event and an opportunity to meet people that otherwise would never cross my radar. The attendance did not in any way reflect the quality of the event held at Club Antone or … Read more

Conscious Connections

Most everyone I know is on Facebook today. But almost everyone uses it for social connections or to keep in touch with their families who are spread around the world. When I first discovered Facebook, I only had 4 connections with people I knew. That was in 2008. Then I had someone from New Jersey … Read more