I had an email from Edwin Tench earlier this week and he is always so supportive. I met Edwin while I was in Dallas two years ago attending a real estate event.

It turns out he is the ambassador to Belize based in Dallas. He’s been helpful in guiding me towards the right people who can help me with the connections I need in Belize to make the school happen.

He asked me how it was going and when I told him about the challenges I’ve been having finding the right property, he had his nephew scout out some properties based on what we had talked about.

He actually found a new property that is about 20 minutes from the airport, which is one of my criteria. It has a river running through the property which is also important for the plans to be self-sustaining. It is 300 acres and already has two homes on the property and a generator.

That will make it a lot easier since it already has all the utilities on the property. It is important to have the ability to create a school that is totally green and have the benefit of land that is cultivated.

It also includes about 100 head of cattle, 95 head of sheep and 30 ducks. There are also mature fruit trees and some farm equipment and a fresh water well.