I have always been a trusting individual. Most often to my detriment but I’d rather trust and believe in people rather than be suspicious and willing to believe the worst of people.

It does catch up with me occasionally, but I guess that’s part of the risk to be open to people.

I’ve been called naive and too innocent at times. I have been misled more often than I care to imagine, but all in all, I think I come out ahead of the game in the end.

I have met people from all over the world. I have engaged in conversations that if I had approached them more cautiously, I would never had pursued.

Last week I met up with Rey Banzon, the architect for my school for kids at risk. We had a great lunch in Lafayette and he told me he has asked a friend of his from the Philippians to provide the financing to build the school.

Imagine having someone believe in my dream so much that he would present me to his trusted financial resources. I feel so honored. The investor is 85 years old and is coming to the U.S. to visit several sites and people he is looking at investing in.

If he invests in he will also invest in building a replica in the Philippines as well.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!