We hosted our monthly Bingo night tonight. It was a lot of fun planning everything with Ruby. She’s always very creative.

We decided the menu needed to be a step up over the typical chips, dips and salad. So one of the first things we decided to do was get a choc0late fountain. Of course we had to have the marshmallows, vanilla wafers, strawberries, bananas and apples! It turned out great.

I made the pinwheels: rolled tortillas with cream cheese, salsa, chicken slices, a variety of cheese and crackers and the best thing was the chocolate fountain. We had marshmallows, pineapple, vanilla wafers and strawberries to dip into the liquid silky chocolate and it was a big hit!

I really enjoy the comradery we have developed with the ladies over the past year. There are about 12 to 18 who show up and it moves to each one of their homes during the year. It’s up to the host to cone up with the menu including the beverages. We served wine but most of them don’t. We also made sure the food was displayed attractively and kept everything looking great throughout the evening.

Now the fun part, we play for the first half for the number of games as there are prizes. Then we take a break and eat and catch up on what has been going on during the past month. The second half is a bit different however, whoever wins gets to steal a prize that was won in the first half. It gets pretty ugly sometimes! LOL

But it is a fun way to spend an evening and a wonderful was to build relationships with some great women in our community.