I have always enjoyed going to trade shows. I am an admitted info junkie and love to find out what is new out in the world. What I realized quite some time ago is that as big as the Bay Area in California is (approximately 8 1/2 million) and the fact that it is known for it’s innovative population, it is still very small on the national and international scale.

So, it is no wonder the Salesforce Cloud Force event caught my attention. They offered a free pass to their San Francisco event today and there were about 100 exhibitors and around 4,000 attendees. It was held at Moscone Hall and it was one of the best run events I’ve been to.

Marc Benioff is an articulate, composed and competent speaker. He started out the morning interviewing several of his clients who have had success using Salesforce with applications varying from non profiot (Invisible Children) to one of the oldest clothing manufactures, Burberry and a wide range of business to business applications.

What surprised and delighted me was Salesforce does not charge non profits to use their platform! Yea for us! And now I have a unique way to put all my fundraising concepts under one program where I can tract results, keep track of the progress each project manager is up to and not ever feel at a loss when I am dealing with time zones!

So, I’ll add another project for my “To Do” list!