I had a Skype introduction to Greg Etherton who lives in London through David Bass from Los Angeles, who was just introduced to me in September by Robert Grant who also lives in London.

Greg is a new author and is living in Los Angeles, Paris and London. Nice life, don’t you think?

His book is about framing your talking in such a way that it is more empowering. He is looking forward to learning how to create platform speaking engagements.

I am thinking about offering him my author program because he has been such a pleasure to get to know him.

Since I will be speaking in London in July, it might work out very well. So I’ll have to talk with him about what that would look like.

He’s going to be back in Los Angeles in February, so maybe I can connect with him while he is in the states.

It’s more difficult to work with people who are in different countries because there are different circumstances. I am not familiar with the media, radio talk shows or the platform speaking opportunities, so I’d have to leave a lot up to him to learn how to make those connections.