I had a Skype introduction to Greg Etherton who lives in London through David Bass from Los Angeles, who was just introduced to me in September by Robert Grant who also lives in London. Greg is a new author and is living in Los Angeles, Paris and London. Nice life, don’t you think? His book … Read more


I was thinking about an author I had been working with over two years ago. She had stopped working on her book and I hadn’t talked with her in about six months. So when she called, I was really pleased. She called to tell me she got engaged over the holidays and was planning a … Read more

Reaching Out

Starbucks has become a mecca for my stories over the years. I have met many interesting people while waiting for appointments to show up and even developed quite a few friendships with people I met when appointments didn’t show up. Monday I had a meeting schedule with a potential author at my local Starbucks and … Read more

Social Connections

I went to an event tonight in Oakland (despite the social unrest) for a Scotch tasting. I am always up for a new event and an opportunity to meet people that otherwise would never cross my radar. The attendance did not in any way reflect the quality of the event held at Club Antone or … Read more

Conscious Connections

Most everyone I know is on Facebook today. But almost everyone uses it for social connections or to keep in touch with their families who are spread around the world. When I first discovered Facebook, I only had 4 connections with people I knew. That was in 2008. Then I had someone from New Jersey … Read more


I was given a name by a dear friend Veronica Young who I’ve know for more than 10 years. I called Mary and I knew immediately she was defensive. That’s fairly typical when calling someone who has no idea who I am. It took more than two minutes to gain her trust and get her … Read more


I had a great weekend, I even took the entire day on Saturday and did nothing but read! I can’t remember when I’ve ever done that before! What a great way to spend a day! Then on Sunday it was back to the effort of marketing my book. Then to my surprise George and Mary-Lynn … Read more