I was given a name by a dear friend Veronica Young who I’ve know for more than 10 years. I called Mary and I knew immediately she was defensive. That’s fairly typical when calling someone who has no idea who I am. It took more than two minutes to gain her trust and get her to open up about who she is and what she is passionate about. I offered contacts, events which I knew would be beneficial for her green business and even a number of marketing ideas which would work very easily from the experiences that I’ve had over the 18 years I’ve been advising entrepreneurs. I had to work hard at first and often it is too much to ask of someone to work that hard to gain someone’s trust. But perseverance is exactly what I claim as one of my unique success techniques. But what a surprise, I kept at it and at the very end of nearly an hour on the phone with Mary, she asked if I would be interested in creating the curriculum for her to teach others how to instruct those who are unemployed to choose a business which matches their personality and learned skills. Do I have to be asked twice? No I don’t! We will figure it out so it will be another income stream for UBU.