Sunday Fun

I told my friend Kate I’d meet her a Jack London Square and we had lunch on Sunday.  We ate at Kincaid’s which is an old standard restaurant that has been in Oakland a long time before I moved to the Bay Area in 1977. It was one of my Uncle John’s favorite locations.

So it was a great afternoon and absolutely delightful. We both had the Salmon with Crab and Asparagus and the waitress was great. It’s rare these days to get a waitress as friendly and fun as ours was.

After lunch we decided to tour a number apartments in Oakland and homes in Alameda. Kate has been living in San Francisco for nearly 18 years and has decided to move outside of the city.

It’s more about the time we spent together rather than what we did. We all have those days where we need to spend time with friends and what it means to replenish our energy and outlook on life.

Whatever it takes for you to have fun at least one day a week, please remember to take the time out and enjoy your family and friends.