Connecting with Friends

Today is my 62nd birthday! I don’t think I’ve had a birthday where no plans were made, no dinner, no friends! You’d think it would be sad, but the only thing sad about it is how my local friends are so disconnected from celebrating the milestones in life. But it was actually a wonderful day! … Read more


Connecting with people is one of the biggest focuses in my life! I have always had an innate skill of getting people to talk about what is important to them and what their dreams are. After San Diego, we went up to Irvine to be a part of a speaker’s event and I met Lizette … Read more


I have to say this is one of the nicest holidays I have every experienced. I spent Christmas Eve with Ruby, her daughters Britney and Brinadette and their boyfriends John and Mike respectively. Britney brought a roast, we had mashed potatoes, dressing, and I made whipped sweet potatoes. We also had a lot of wine. … Read more

New York

After the theatre, I text messaged my friends Ken and BJ Beasley who moved to New York nearly two years ago. We had arranged that we would meet up after the show to see their apartment (a view of the city lights that is impressive) which is a block away from the August Wilson Theatre. … Read more

Sunday Fun

I told my friend Kate I’d meet her a Jack London Square and we had lunch on Sunday.  We ate at Kincaid’s which is an old standard restaurant that has been in Oakland a long time before I moved to the Bay Area in 1977. It was one of my Uncle John’s favorite locations. So … Read more

Help From My Friends

I believe the Law of Attraction is operating in full force these days. I am so excited about the conversations I’ve had so far this week. I asked for help in finding someone to help me with the events I’m lining up for the fund raising. So far I had a great conversation with Rick … Read more

Visiting Ajijic

I headed over to Ajijic to visit my friend who moved to Fargo about 18 months ago. She has a house sitting job for five months in Ajijic and she invited me to come for a week. So on Saturday, I left Belize and headed to Guadalajara. But she wasn’t on the flight and I … Read more

Helping Hands

Melissa Swann, I member of Elite Leads returned from a vacation to Belize. While there she met several people from the US and recommended I contact them for the resources they might have in creating my school there. Isn’t it amazing how people just show up in our lives and help us get what we … Read more


I went to an event in Oakland last Friday night; I was looking forward to it for weeks. It was my first “White” party. I even made a special outfit since I didn’t have a single totally white one. I enjoy sewing and creating things that are unique, so it was a fun to prepare … Read more

Family & Friends

Here we are and it’s nearly summer. This is the perfect time of year to meet up with friends and enjoy the weather. It’s hard to concentrate on work this time of year but what if you knew that it’s only the memories that you share with loved ones and friends that count in the … Read more