I met Alley through a new friend I met in Denver last weekend and when we discovered we both had been given a gift of a process to help others overcome what they struggle with. Alley asked if I would be open to trading sessions, and of course I jumped on it! We had a … Read more

Connecting with Friends

Today is my 62nd birthday! I don’t think I’ve had a birthday where no plans were made, no dinner, no friends! You’d think it would be sad, but the only thing sad about it is how my local friends are so disconnected from celebrating the milestones in life. But it was actually a wonderful day! … Read more

It’s My Birthday

I’m in New York! What a great place to spend my birthday! I woke up at 7 am, I am attending a conference (NextGen) with Ruby and wanted to make sure we had enough time to grab some coffee on the way. Of course Starbucks is downstairs, right next door to the hotel and we’re … Read more