Connecting with Friends

Today is my 62nd birthday! I don’t think I’ve had a birthday where no plans were made, no dinner, no friends! You’d think it would be sad, but the only thing sad about it is how my local friends are so disconnected from celebrating the milestones in life.

But it was actually a wonderful day! It started out with many of my friends from all over the world checking in through skype and email:

  • I talked with Melissa Swann from Las Vegas
  • Billa who is India
  • Tina Karl who is in LA (she lives in NY)
  • Richard Norris in England
  • Mark Whitby in Australia
  • Alex Troy who who moved to S America
  • Trevor Miles in Belize
  • Sylvain in Toronto
  • Zsa Zsa Tudos from London
  • Judith Gilchrist from Ontario, Canada
  • Tatyana who is from Russia but now lives in the Bay Area
  • Romeo Mwafulirwa originally from Ghana who lives in England
  • Billy O’Neil from Scotland
  • Alida Fehily from Australia
  • Mayuresh Godse from India but now lives in Singapore
  • Inge As from Norway
  • Susan Hinds from Sydney
  • Gary Wolff from Tokyo
  • Simon Treselyan in Australia
  • Cydney O’Sullivan from Australia, though she’s in the US for now.
  • and Robin and Kathy are coming over for brunch tomorrow!

It is so much fun to re-connect with friends and catch up with what they have been up to!

But the real surprise was connecting with Alley Brook in Colorado! I had met her through a new connection, George who I met at the JVAlert event in Denver I attended last weekend.

Alley has 8 books on Angels and has developed a process of bringing in the Angels to work on issues such as health, wealth, protection, well being, balance, stress, etc.

She asked if we could trade sessions and of course I agreed. The fun thing was I had never done my NESTing (neuro-emotional anti-Sabotage Technique) remotely before. It never occurred to me. But when she asked, I just knew it could be done!