Connecting with people is one of the biggest focuses in my life! I have always had an innate skill of getting people to talk about what is important to them and what their dreams are.

After San Diego, we went up to Irvine to be a part of a speaker’s event and I met Lizette LaForge who is a Joint Venture specialist. Well, she’s learning the ropes but has the perfect personality and innate skills for making connections.

The first thing Lizette did was to connect me with Ken Krell who is going to do a World Author Summit. He coincidentally just had a cancellation of one of his speakers and was hanging up his phone from talking with them when Lizette called him over to meet me. He immediately booked me for the new vacancy! Is that a coincidence?

I managed to spend quite a bit of time with Lizette over the next few days and got to know a lot about her. I love her tenacity! Yes, that is a good thing! She has no fear of approaching people and presenting her program. She’s genuine and earnest!

So, I offered to provide some guidance on the area she has never had experience previously: the skills of an entrepreneur which include organization, tracking, follow-up, systems per se and how to think more like an entrepreneur rather than an employee.

We had our first session yesterday and the first priority is to create a system to keep track of all of her Joint Venture relationships.

It is wonderful to meet someone who is in tune with their goals and has such a great desire to help others!