We drove down to San Diego on Thursday so I could be a part of a panel to speak at an event. I was looking forward to the event because I conducted preview calls for the event and had a chance to interview several of the speakers. That allowed me to build a relationship with the speakers before I even met them.

I was amazed at how being in San Diego, especially the first turn in the road that revealed the inlet from the Pacific Ocean and how it spoke to my heart. I had lived in North Park, a small area in San Diego in the early 70s.

So many of the memories re-surfaced: the small apartment that was like a tree house with it’s beautiful lace curtains; the one bedroom house across from Balboa Park with the massive avocado tree; the jobs I held, I worked three jobs at a time because I was so lonely; the people I met and cared for and all in all, an easy lifestyle.

More than anything, I miss the ocean and the vibrancy of San Diego. It is now a mecca for mega speakers. I found out that Mike Koenig lives there along with those I knew like Brian Tracy, John Assaraf and Deepak Chopra just to name a few.