Help From My Friends

I believe the Law of Attraction is operating in full force these days. I am so excited about the conversations I’ve had so far this week. I asked for help in finding someone to help me with the events I’m lining up for the fund raising.

So far I had a great conversation with Rick who belongs to the largest diving organization and he will talk to his contacts about sponsoring the two dive trips in Belize. They will actually raise enough money with the two dives with 500 divers each to pay the salaries of all the teachers, including benefits.

I talked with Todd in Salt Lake City on Tuesday and he is interested in looking at the Elite Leads model as something that might work with a program he’s starting for Visionaries.

I met with Margie on Wednesday and she is very excited about organizing my 1 Day MBA event and we also talked about starting a new speaker’s series for the chambers in the area.

Bella agreed to meet with me next week to talk about booking me as a platform speaker. It’s one of the things that would really make a major difference in my speaking exposure.

On Thursday I had a call back from Sam in San Francisco who has a major event planning company and after I send him an RFP (request for proposal) on Monday, he and his team will decide if the golf tournaments will adapt to their business model. Wouldn’t the be great?

All in all this has been the most amazing week. I love the idea of attracting the best conversations and all these people came through introductions of my friends.