The Gifts Keep Coming

I was talking with Jan Davies tonight waiting for an event and I was facing the automatic doors of a commercial building. All of a sudden they started opening and closing, but there wasn’t anyone was around. About 2 weeks ago Jan and I were at the Starbucks in San Ramon and the same thing happened. Life can be so interesting when we are observant.

When I got to the event tonight and met an amazing group of people. Ken is a vintner and he was saying he is the first winery to get a first place award for his Livermore wine. He plays golf with the pros at Monterey and is interested in helping with the golf tournaments for the UBU school.

I talked with both Ken and Robin about the Laser and they’re both interested in getting one. I’m going to meet with Robin next week to help her with a lung disease she has.

Tim who was doing the presentation of the new free shopping tool bar where you don’t have to change what you do, and you can start with the free tool bar and earn money as well as save 5-75% with the 2,700 stores that have agreements with them. If you download the tool bar, every time you use it, you’ll not only make money, but you’ll be helping UBU raise funds for the school for kids at risk.

Tim has a slipped disc and I used the Laser on him for about 15 minutes to help him relieve the stress in his neck. Isn’t it great when you know you can help others get out of pain.

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