Right Place

Have you ever felt you’re in the right place at the right time? It occurred to me how often I have met people who are exactly the right person for the moment and who I needed to meet at the moment. It might be because they know someone who I need to know or it … Read more


About four years ago I was interviewed by Lyla and Stu on a radio show they had in Los Angeles. We kept in touch every few months and then Lyla just seemed to drop off the radar. About a month ago Lyla contacted me on Facebook, but under a different name. She had gone through … Read more


In 2000 I attended an event in LA where people were promised whatever they needed to launch their business to the next level. Out of 12 to 1500 people throughout the year, I only found one person who was able to make the connections to realize his dream. Many others advanced slightly, but there were … Read more


In 2003 I decided to be a co-author in a book of collective stories. One of the major benefits was my story followed Deepak Chopra’s. I believed I would learn how to market my books through their connections and process. The big lesson was being in Gratitude. I don’t believe I ever thought about being … Read more

The Gifts Keep Coming

I was talking with Jan Davies tonight waiting for an event and I was facing the automatic doors of a commercial building. All of a sudden they started opening and closing, but there wasn’t anyone was around. About 2 weeks ago Jan and I were at the Starbucks in San Ramon and the same thing … Read more


What would you do if you had more than enough money, time and no demands on you? Would you keep doing what you’re doing now? Would you continue to live where you live? Are there any organizations that you would like to support? I often think about those who are not capable of taking care … Read more