Right Place

Have you ever felt you’re in the right place at the right time?

It occurred to me how often I have met people who are exactly the right person for the moment and who I needed to meet at the moment.

It might be because they know someone who I need to know or it might be because they have something I need to have or know about.

Regardless, I live in a world where everyone I meet has something to offer and it usually has a major impact on my life.

I love how everyone I meet has a story and their story has lead them to me and in knowing them I find what they bring to enhance my life or the decisions in my life.

They might know a person, book, concept or even a specific concept I have been looking for. It is uncanny! But it happens more often than I can keep track of.

I love how people come into my life to serve a specific purpose and all I have to do is to stay open to the possibility of getting to the point of understanding  the Universe provides for us as long as we stay open to the possibilities.

I am blessed by the people who come into my life.