About four years ago I was interviewed by Lyla and Stu on a radio show they had in Los Angeles. We kept in touch every few months and then Lyla just seemed to drop off the radar.

About a month ago Lyla contacted me on Facebook, but under a different name. She had gone through a couple of situations that were life altering, including loosing her father.

She mentioned she wanted to introduce me to her friend Lynda Forsythe who has the Mentors Magazine in San Diego. We finally connected after about two weeks and had an amazing conversation on Friday.

Funny that it is, we were connected originally on MySpace about five years ago. I only had few friends on MySpace and they were only people who had notoriety. She actually remembered!

That tells me a lot about who she is. There are so many people who add friends on Facebook, Connections on LinkedIn and all the various sites, but never ever have any intention of developing a relationship. So the fact is, because she remembers who I am from 5 years ago, she is definitely a connector.

I’ll hear more from her about the decision in a couple of weeks and whether her board agrees to add me to be a cover story. I look forward to getting to know Linda better regardless.