Finding Your Way

Years ago I had a real fear of going places I had never been, especially by myself. My husband challenged me to meet him in San Francisco every Friday at a different restaurant.

No matter how many weeks went by I would always try to be a little bit more late than I had the previous week in hopes he would show up before I would get there. But every week I had to go into the restaurant alone, go up to the bar and ask for a glass of wine, all by myself.

I know that doesn’t sound like it should be such a big deal, but I truly struggled with having to get through it every week.

But eventually I became comfortable enough with the awkwardness I could actually get through it without having to agonize over it. My husband pushed me through some difficult situations and he always came up with clever ways of getting me to expand what I thought I was capable of accomplishing.

His encouragement always gave me direction and even though I didn’t know it at the time, it was exactly what I needed to break through all of the barriers I had set up for myself.