In 2003 I decided to be a co-author in a book of collective stories. One of the major benefits was my story followed Deepak Chopra’s. I believed I would learn how to market my books through their connections and process.

The big lesson was being in Gratitude.

I don’t believe I ever thought about being grateful for what was my life. I had a lot of stories which would challenge most to see what there was to be grateful for. But it was the beginning of a major shift for me.

Then the movie The Secret came out in 2007 and the Law of Attraction became main stream. Living in gratitude and focusing on the positive became a household directive. More people became aware of learning how to control their thought process.

What I adopted two years ago was to find at least one thing every day and record it.

Then what I found was the more I recorded what I was grateful for, the more things I had to become grateful for.

After I attended a seminar given by T. Harv Ecker I began to record five things every day that I was grateful for.

Living in gratitude is the beginning of living life on purpose.

Take a few moments everyday to acknowledge your miracles, big and small.

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