Life Purpose

You know  when you’re on purpose when every day brings miracles, connections, experiences every day that make you feel like you’re five years old and it’s Christmas Eve.

Every week I am so excited to jump out of bed and have a level of excitement to start the day. I received a call on Thursday from Valerie Bocage. She’s the founder and President of Powerful Women International. What is so amazing, she called exactly two years to the day from when I spoke at her organization.

We talked about all that has happened since we talked about a year ago and then she told me I had been nominated for a Humanitarian award, and I won. What is so great about it is the level of visibility it will provide for UBU. I’ll also be one of the speakers at the event in the fall when they present me with the award.

Then on Saturday, Johnny Keller called from Florida. I don’t know if you’ve seen Max International, but they have an energy drink that is all natural. Johnny is going to sign me up for the company and help me build my downline so I can generate more income for the school.

Isn’t life grand?