If It’s Broken, Fix It!-2

With forgiveness in your heart and a legacy of understanding, the myths of your oppression will show themselves as being a fabrication of your mind. You can live your own prophesy of passion. You can gain perspective and exhibit your resilience. The growth of your passion will make itself known daily as you let go … Read more

If It’s Broken, Fix It!

We all want to be more forgiving people. We want to give selflessly and help others to find satisfaction in our deeds. As humans, we have a divine inner light that shines from within that wants to encompass others and show them how wonderful we think that they are. We want to entertain and support … Read more

Life Purpose

You know  when you’re on purpose when every day brings miracles, connections, experiences every day that make you feel like you’re five years old and it’s Christmas Eve. Every week I am so excited to jump out of bed and have a level of excitement to start the day. I received a call on Thursday … Read more


I went to an event in Oakland last Friday night; I was looking forward to it for weeks. It was my first “White” party. I even made a special outfit since I didn’t have a single totally white one. I enjoy sewing and creating things that are unique, so it was a fun to prepare … Read more