I went to an event in Oakland last Friday night; I was looking forward to it for weeks. It was my first “White” party. I even made a special outfit since I didn’t have a single totally white one. I enjoy sewing and creating things that are unique, so it was a fun to prepare for. I was supposed to meet up with a colleague who didn’t show up and I was standing there after talking with several people that I’ve known through business and this delightful woman walks by and I asked if she knew anyone there.

My new friend Jaruwan Taylor

As luck would have it, her friend had just texted her to say she had decided to party hop! Geeze!  So, we got to spend the time getting to know more about each other and having a lot of fun people watching. As it turned out, it wasn’t a business event at all. It was like one giant “pick up party”. I haven’t seen people that obvious about “checking each other out” since I was in my 20’s. And yet, we still had a great time.
It has to do with being in the moment, not basing the ultimate outcome on what was expected, but what actually was. We even talked about how easily it would have been to be disappointed and not have a good time of it, but we made the conscious choice to make the best of it.
Life is but a series of choices and whether we live our lives with the possibilities in mind is always totally up to us.