Reviving Water

I finally got out to the Delta to have lunch over the weekend. I don’t know about you, but I love living so near the water. I’m about a half hour (on good days) from the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean, a lake 20 minutes away in Oakland and the amazing Sacramento River. When I travel north east about 20 minutes, the highways parallel the majesty of the river.

Once we crossed the Antioch Bridge there are multiple unique communities with personalities of their very own. Isleton is know for it’s crawdad festival in July, Locke for the Chinese influence born from the rock wall construction in the 1940’s and the infamous Al the Wop’s, Walnut Grove for being a mainstay of the recreational boating community. All along Highway 160 there must be no less than 20 small towns, all with their own points of interest.
When I take the time out to be near the water, I feel rejuvenated and energetic. I’m always reminding my business clients to take time out in the summer to build memories and enjoy the company of special friends and their family.
I have always appreciated to many pleasures the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer as I’m sure wherever you are, you’ll find many unique and interesting places in which to venture.
Create memories and take the time to enjoy the beauty around you. It’s truly what makes life worthwhile.