Paying it Forward

Posted by Sharyn: Monday, July 13, 2009

It’s hard to believe the summer is half over and we’ve slightly more than five months left in the year. I know how busy everyone is and I hardly ever meet anyone who ever ends up a week with more time than things to do. I imagine there’s someone out there, but I sure don’t know them.
So, the point is, how do we spend the time that we have. The new Harry Potter movie comes out this week and if you’re not a fan find a young person and treat them to the movie. Their enthusiasm will be contagious! Doing something for others as a random act of kindness is awe inspiring. It will give you a precious feeling that nothing else can compare.
I look for at least one person every day I can surprise by doing something that is a little unexpected and it makes my day special. I enjoy making someone smile or laugh of feel appreciated. The world we live in, our own sphere of influence is the only world we have any control over.
Make your world a better place and think in terms of random acts of kindness.