Family Visits

I just came back from San Antonio and a great visit with the aunts! They are 82 and 78 and kept moving the entire week! It’s unbelievable how much energy they have. It was so much fun to be the center of attention. The first thing they did was take me to Ruby’s where they have the best Pecan Pie in all of Texas! They remember the little things and kept thinking of all my favorite things.
Wouldn’t it be great if everyday were like that? Imagine that everyone you know was treated like that by you. What do you think would be the difference in how your life would be? Do you think you would feel more special because of it?
One of the things I noticed is this was the first time I received their loving attention without feeling uncomfortable. I’m not as comfortable with receiving as I am in giving. But it was a treat to have them care for me. I didn’t have any difficulty relaxing and letting them fix my breakfast and argue over the best place to take me for lunch or dinner or what sites I might enjoy.
The difficulty was coming back home to reality and having to do everything for myself! Aw, but the appreciation for my dear sweet aunts is even greater.