Sunshine Effects

We finally got a great weekend, especially for California standards. We have had virtually no Spring time at all. The weather has hampered my outdoor activities.

But this weekend I met my friend Kate in Walnut Creek and we went to the Art & Wine Festival. I even ran into one of the people, Michael Casey, who was in my very first leads group in 1991.

The arts and crafts were wonderful to investigate. I was surprised by how many new artists and styles I hadn’t seen before. It is amazing to me, I didn’t go to a single festival last summer. The whole summer just slipped away from me which is why I am bound an determined to make sure I get out as often as possible.

This makes three weekends in a row! I’ve been feeling the effects of spending too much time in doors and love that I can catch up now. In the Bay Area we have a fair nearly every weekend all summer long.

After the Art & Wine Festival we had a great lunch at the Cheesecake  Factory and then went to see Sex and the City. It was so much fun! It was more about spending time with a good friend and taking the time to get outside and relax.

I hope you take time out on a regular basis.