Type A

Are you a workaholic? What does that actually mean to you? Does it mean you work 7 days a week? Do you take time out to have fun and replenish your energy?

Some people think I work too much, but who can say what is right for someone else? I love what I do. I can’t imagine doing working differently than I do now.

It’s true I work more hours than most, but my choice would be to sit around and stare at the television. How much fun is that?

I do enjoy watching movies and enjoy spending Sundays watching old movies and sewing or making jewelry. I manage to rejuvenate by using my hands and creating something.

I typically make half of my clothing and jewelry. I’ll start by making one or the other and then make the other to match. It’s usually easier to start by making an outfit, then finding the beads for the jewelry. I love to go to San Francisco to General Bead on Minna between 7th and 8th. It’s two floors of beads and a delight to be in a building filled with unusual beads.

I find most of my material at the San Jose Flea market. There are about ten outdoor stores filled with elaborate materials. I found when I use special ornate material the outfit turns out really well. Maybe it’s because it’s more expensive and I take more care but I discovered that years ago. So I always buy great material.

Whether your hobby is painting, knitting, golf or stamp collecting, take time out to regenerate your energy by focusing on a creative activity.