In 2000 I attended an event in LA where people were promised whatever they needed to launch their business to the next level.

Out of 12 to 1500 people throughout the year, I only found one person who was able to make the connections to realize his dream. Many others advanced slightly, but there were too few compared to the number of people who attended.

I have to admit, I’ve chased my dreams for many years. I’ve helped others achieve their dreams but I’ve my extreme success has always been just around the next corner.

That is, until I went to Belize in March. Since I came back from Belize it seems like every day there is something close to a miracle.

I have been detailing my successes ever since I came back on my UBU blog. It’s like living a miracle every day. If it’s not a meeting with someone, it’s a phone call or email. I even got a call back for George Lucas Education Foundation. Imagine my reaction when I looked at my caller ID and saw GLEF!

So which comes first? Gratitude, Manifestation or Passion?

I wish I knew what it truly was so I could tell everyone else!

I will tell you the focus on the school for the kids at risk is the biggest passion I’ve ever had. People seem to be lining up to help and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I am manifesting more rapidly than I’ve ever done before