Chance Meetings

I went to Dallas last week to attend a Real Estate event. On one of the breaks I noticed the Dallas Chamber was having an event so I naturally went over and introduced myself to the chamber director. Standing to my right was a couple and he said “. . . Belize . . .” … Read more

Helping Hands

Melissa Swann, I member of Elite Leads returned from a vacation to Belize. While there she met several people from the US and recommended I contact them for the resources they might have in creating my school there. Isn’t it amazing how people just show up in our lives and help us get what we … Read more


This is the week of the first move! Am I nuts! You bet! Planning two moves in one month and three moves in three months! You’d have to understand how the Scorpio mind works! I’m not sure I do, but at the time, it made sense! I compartmentalize my decisions. I need to get ready … Read more