This is the week of the first move! Am I nuts! You bet! Planning two moves in one month and three moves in three months! You’d have to understand how the Scorpio mind works! I’m not sure I do, but at the time, it made sense! I compartmentalize my decisions. I need to get ready to make a major move out of the Bay Area after living here for 30 years! Well, this is a bit overwhelming so I decided to approach it in stages.

And I was amazed! It took 5 days to sell all my furniture and have it picked up! I sold a desk that I had been trying to sell for more than six months! The first person who called bought it and picked it up the next day. One person would call, show up and pick up the furniture right away!

Why is that so amazing? Have you had a plan and nothing goes as you planned? Can you imagine having a thought and having everything you need just show up? That’s what it has been like! I have put my trust in the process and believe that whatever I need will show up and whatever happens is for my own benefit!

The stress that we feel is made up from expecting one thing to take place and having something entirely different take place. Have you ever thought that what happens is a divine plan? Have you ever considered that there is a reason for absolutely everything that takes place?

Why not enjoy the moment and stop believing that you have control over the Universe!