Moving Through Challenges

I am in the midst of the first stage of the next chapter in my life. I got up yesterday morning, listed all my furniture on Craig’s list and decided it was time to begin my exodus from the Bay Area.

I am so excited about the possibilities! Life is what we make of it. I choose to look at life as an adventure and keep my eyes wide open to every opportunity. It’s one of the main reasons that I have been able to challenge each of the aspects of my life that weren’t working.

What would you do and how would you do it, if you hadn’t anything holding you back, what would you change in your life? Are your relationships all working well for you? Do you look forward to going home? Is what you’re doing to earn your income something that you’re proud of? Can you jump out of bed on Monday mornings as anxious to get to work as you are for Friday evening to arrive? Is your health all that it can be? Who couldn’t afford to loose ten or twenty pounds, right? Well what could you do to improve your health? If it’s not loosing a few pounds, is your energy as intact at 5 pm as it is mid-morning? Do you wake up after a great night, fully rested?

What can you do about it if you are not happy with each of those aspects? Take a few minutes each week to plan out the steps that you can take, where do you want to be next year at this time? Would you have the same job, house and friends? If not, get started, now!