I’ve had many people ask me about my experience of being on the Oprah Winfrey show. You can see a clip of the show here. I was in an amazing relationship with Michael who was Croatian. I wasn’t aware of this, but they will win the race against Italians when they talk for flailing their … Read more

Challenged by Hackers

I wonder where challenges come from when considering the Law of Attraction? I was in Belize and Ajijic for nearly 3 weeks and for the past week since I’ve been back, I have done nothing but try to recover passwords and websites. The first thing that happened was someone charged something to my PayPal account. … Read more


I am as concerned about the economic situation as anyone else, but I would like to challenge you to think about what you’re doing to protect yourself and your family from participating in the fiasco! What can you do to increase your income and reducing your debt? Avoid spending money you could save for your … Read more

Moving Through Challenges

I am in the midst of the first stage of the next chapter in my life. I got up yesterday morning, listed all my furniture on Craig’s list and decided it was time to begin my exodus from the Bay Area. I am so excited about the possibilities! Life is what we make of it. … Read more

Core Beliefs

I was reminded twice today about one of my core beliefs. Everything happens for a purpose. Every person who comes into our lives comes into our lives for a reason. When life turns challenging, it is in essence, a notice to tell you that you must make changes. It is your wake up call. When … Read more


It’s the end of July and we’re nearly two-thirds of the way through the summer – have you done anything fun this summer? What challenges are your facing? Is your health exactly where you want it to be? How about your relationships? Are they fulfilling? Can you honestly say that you’re happy? Are you making … Read more

Life’s Challenges

I had a conversation with a client of mine over the weekend and I was beside myself with the difficulty that he has been going through. It amazes me when perfectly wonderful people find themselves subjected to outrageously bad behavior of others. What do you suppose someone would gain long term from tormenting the person … Read more