I am as concerned about the economic situation as anyone else, but I would like to challenge you to think about what you’re doing to protect yourself and your family from participating in the fiasco! What can you do to increase your income and reducing your debt? Avoid spending money you could save for your peace of mind.

I don’t believe that anyone has to be poor or have to struggle in life.  Often think we know what’s best for us, and then we get disappointed when life doesn’t turn out exactly what we thought we wanted. Then surprisingly, what does happen turns out for the best.

What would happen if we had to learn to accept what is and appreciate it for the experience that it brings us? Can you see how much more simple your life would be if you approached every day as an adventure? Think of the amazement and discovery you could have every day of your life. No really, just imagine it! Wouldn’t that be better than being stressed out, angry, fearful and disappointed?

Guess what, it’s your choice!