Straight Talk

Michael calmed down, but he repeated the process two more times before it became a faint memory. I was telling Pat Evans about he process and she asked if she could interview me about the process. She was writing a book on “Verbally Abusive Relationships“. She asked permission to use my concept in her book. … Read more

Temper Tantrums

My aunt and uncle came over for my birthday in November and Uncle John suggested we go down town to Lafayette to play some pool. They were the coolest relatives ever! We went to the funkiest place in all of Lafayette, a biker bar. When we walked in, there was a man sitting at the … Read more


When I asked if he was all done, he took a deep breath and let it out. It was as though he was completely exhausted. I don’t think he had ever been able toexpress himself to the point he felt he had talked himself out before. I went to my three pages of notes and … Read more


I’ve had many people ask me about my experience of being on the Oprah Winfrey show. You can see a clip of the show here. I was in an amazing relationship with Michael who was Croatian. I wasn’t aware of this, but they will win the race against Italians when they talk for flailing their … Read more