I’ve had many people ask me about my experience of being on the Oprah Winfrey show.

You can see a clip of the show here.

I was in an amazing relationship with Michael who was Croatian. I wasn’t aware of this, but they will win the race against Italians when they talk for flailing their hands and becoming animated. They also have a tendency to become very loud.

We had been living together about four months when Michael went into his first tiraid. I just looked at him and said “I know you’re not made at me, so tell me what’s going on!”

He was shocked I wouldn’t play the “yelling name calling” game!

I told him after a few more attempts where he tried to force me into an argument that he had two choices: he could continue to yel and throw a tantrum and end up moving out or he could learn to talk to me in a reasonable tone of voice. He decided on option two.

I asked him to go with me to lunch downtown Walnut Creek and talk it out. I promised I wouldn’t speak until he told me he was completly done telling me what was going on. Boy, was that hard.

I took three pages of notes.