Straight Talk

Michael calmed down, but he repeated the process two more times before it became a faint memory.

I was telling Pat Evans about he process and she asked if she could interview me about the process. She was writing a book on “Verbally Abusive Relationships“. She asked permission to use my concept in her book. Of course I told her it would be fine.

When her book was released and her PR agent booked her on the Oprah Winfrey show Oprah read the section about Michael and I, she asked if we would accompany Pat.

Michael and I were flown first class and picked up at the O’Hare in a┬álimousine. When we checked into the Top of the Mark they gave us a $50 voucher for dinner. They picked us the next morning and took us to Harpo Studios. Everyone treated us so well.

Oprah was as nice as you could imagine. She was funny and down to earth. It was one of the many experiences in my life that will always be at the top of the list.

We were even offered guest appearances on several other talk shows. But who could top Oprah.